Wednesday, March 23, 2011


First of all, Rest in Peace Elizabeth
She was a beautiful woman and I always enjoyed her movies.  
One of the last great movie stars. 

I hoped to have this finished to show you today, but I will give you another look.
 It will be a big bag.  Instead of batting I used headliner foam which gives it nice body.  Better than batting. 
The lining looks like my sewing room.  I sewed on some pockets.    After I sewed the lining in and was getting ready to put in the zippered panel (I wanted this instead of a flap closure.  I realized that I never attached any kind of straps.  So now I have taken out the lining and I have to open the bottom of the bag because of the size it needs the extra stability of the straps that go around.  I think that since I have to do this, I am going to sew some straps with selvages.  What the heck?  If I have to do this extra step, I might as well do it right. 
I had a basic plan of what I was going to make, but pretty much this is what happens when you design in your head as you go along.  I should have written up some directions to look at.
Hope that your day is sunny.  It isn't here.  But I spent the day sewing with some friends so it didn't matter. 


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kwiltmakr said...

I like your bag. I have such a hard time reading your black print on the brown background. Just thought I would say that.