Wednesday, March 02, 2011


The iPhone.  There is a reason why it is so popular.  I love my iPhone so much, I would marry it if I could.  My peers probably don't understand this.  To them a phone is just a phone.  It is hard to find an appropriate phone for my husband because he only wants to use his for PHONE CALLS.
He only recently started texting because it finally clicked that the best way to talk to the kids ( and to me for the most part) is to text them. I gave him my iPod touch when I got my phone and he plays with it all of the time.  I think that eventually he will take the plunge. 
When someone asks me why I like it so much, I tell them it is like carrying a computer in the palm of my hand.  I can get any information that I want with a touch. 

For instance, today I want to a yarn shop. While I was there, I could access the files on my pc with my phone because I needed to clarify how much yarn I needed for a project.  Some yarns are packaged in meters.  I think in yards.  I have an app that allows me to easily convert this.  Then, while walking out of the store, I saw a shawl draped over a railing.  It had a tag on it saying the pattern, and the blog that it was found on.  I touched the Bing search and spoke the blog name and in a couple of seconds I found the pattern and forwarded it to my email so that when I got home I could print it out.

Many of the radio stations that I like have apps and I can listen to them over WiFi at work.  I can watch Netflix movies, track packages from UPS, read books, keep track of my meds, and weight watchers points, check gas prices to find the lowest price before I leave the house. 
It is the best investment that I have made in a long time. 

The new iPad 2 comes out on the 11th.  I have been saving up to buy it. I always wrestle with purchases like this.  I always think " there is better use for this money".  And I'm sure there is, there always is.  But I mostly deny myself most things because they aren't practical.  I think that I will make an exception this time because I enjoy this stuff so much. 

I hope that you  have a good day.  One more day until I'm off for the weekend.  I can't wait.


kwiltmakr said...

I am saving my pennies for an iPad2 as well. They sure make life easier at times.

Casey said...

Oh I can't wait till the I-Pad 2 comes out....really really really looking forward to getting you I say no to spending money all the time....but this...I say yes!

Victoria, Bellingham, WA

SusanT said...

Love my i phone, with google docs I have my inventory of threads, vogue knitting app gives me my yarns etc. Thank Verizon and Apple. Oh yes and Angry Birds is cool when waiting for the little ones.