Monday, January 02, 2012

HAPPY 2012

I know its a little late.  last Tuesday I had surgery on my left shoulder.  Went in for a rotator cuff repair and ended up in addition having my biceps tendon repaired, and part of my clavicle removed. Most of the damage due to large bone spurs that shredded the tendon.
So, I'm starting off the year in a sling with a pillow  that holds my arm away from my body.  I only had one day of "woe is me"  feelings.  I've had several surgeries in my life, and this is the worst. I'm not allowed to do anything with my left arm. Cant hold anything with my left hand because it pulls on the tendon repair.  I have knitted a little, but it isnt easy to do with my hand far away from my body.  Geeze, what a whiner Ive become.  Trapped at home with all of this time off, and I cant figure out how to do anything.

Need to come up with a theme for this years quilt guild newsletter.  last year was "stashbusting"  I could continue on with that, or I was thinking about going with a patriotic quilt theme.  its a big election year, and the summer olympics are this year.  The idea could work.  I could spend my vast amount of free time looking for ideas.

It snowed a little today.  We have only had one snow this season.  and I'm not complaining.

Keep warm!!!


soren2go said...

Sending you wishes and prayers for quick healing. Sometimes God just slows us down and we have to obey.
Get well soon.

Leonor Berdichevsky said...

Get well must hurt :(…love your blog. xx