Saturday, January 28, 2012


Not much going on here.  I have a little more than two weeks to go with this sling, but my arm feels much better than it did, and I am able to lift it a little more.  I've been working on some small projects that don't require extensive rotary cutter use.  
I have seen a lot of different Dresden Plate ideas on Pinterest.  I have never tried this traditional block, so I bought a Dresden Ruler and got to cutting.  I started with an open pack of charm squares.  It was a line of Moda called "Etchings"  I love this line. 
I made the one on the right a week ago, and the one on the left today.  I guess you could call it an planned scrappy block.  I chose 5 charms, one for the center and four for the blades.  I cut each of the charms in half and cut six 2.5" blades out of each charm.  Then I put four identical sets of four blades together. And then sewed those sets into a ring. I hand appliqued them        (using silk thread) onto a 7.5" square of Moda Marble.  I need to find more of this, since I only have a small amount of it. Maybe I will just look for similar shades so the whole thing will be "scrappy". 
The only reason I got interested at all is because I saw different setting ideas other than the way they have always been done. 
So, this is just a start. Since the blocks are small, it will be awhile before I will get enough done for a quilt top, but it is fun trying!! I hope that all of you are surviving the winter.. except Australia, where it is a very hot summer. Either extreme is bad enough. We have had a decent winter so far. It snows and melts.. Last winter was cold and there was snow covering everything all winter. I'm not complaining about this one! Happy Quilting! Teri


Anonymous said...

I love the pretty colors. They really make the winter look brighter and happier.

Jen said...

You are very talented! Love all the beautiful quilted designs! Hope your arm is feeling better.