Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Well tonight it starts. I'm trying to not get sucked into the darkness that is politics.  I've chosen my candidate, and will vote for him when the time comes. But I know that no matter how you dress them up, and no matter what they say, they are still politicians, and they are self-serving and no matter what they say, they care about themselves and their own power.

In my sewing room I found a forgotten name tag lanyard hanging on a hook. I paper pieced  it several years ago using some batik scraps.  I got an idea, and I got out what velcro I have, and hand stitched it to the back if this:
If I have to look at this strap for two months, it might as well be pretty!


Rian said...

I've got mine (candidate) too.

Holyriver said...

Very nice blog.
Happy new year from Italy.