Friday, March 09, 2012


I get out to local quilt shops once in a while, but with the price of gas increasing every day as well as the price of fabric (and everything else)  I have been buying more fabric online.  One of my favorite places to purchase Modas is HANCOCKS OF PADUCAH .  I don't really miss driving 10 hours and fighting off hoards of quilters during the show to get in some shopping.  HOP carries full lines of new fabrics.  I learned recently that those awesome little charm packs you can buy at your LQS are released before the line of fabric.  So when I loved some of the prints in the Moda ETCHINGS line, I pre-ordered yardage from Hancocks and they sent it when they got it in.  Sometimes I have to wait.  This weekend they offered free shipping, so I ordered yardage of 108" quilt backing which was also on sale. Some of it is backordered, and it may take forever, but eventually I will get it, and I was going to stash it anyway for a future quilt. When you do this, you have to have an idea of what you plan to make, when I make a normal size quilt, I never make anything bigger than a twin size, so I know how much backing I need for the largest size that I would make. When my fabric comes, it is shoved into a bag with the receipt.  Practical and fast for them.  The bottom line is I get the fabric. I keep going back because they almost always have the fabric that I am looking for. And I have shopped in the actual store, and I will admit my heart is in Paducah.

Now for my other favorite online place for fabric.  FAT QUARTER SHOP .They have lots of Modas and other fabrics.  They have pre-cuts and fat quarter packs although you can also order yardage.
I saw a fabric on Pinterest, followed it back to the page to find out what it was, did a search and found it MC CALL'S by Windham Fabrics   There are polka dot fabrics in the line, and I am collecting them for a future project.  I also loved the vintage pattern print.
Other than the ultra fast service, (I nearly always hear from them with a shipping conformation within a day) When I open that scuffed up box or bag, This is what I find inside.  They take the pieces of fabric, fold them neatly, fan them and put them in a clear plastic bag.  So the first thing I see when I pull it out is a feast of colors and patterns for my eyes.She even folds the ziploc to the back and slaps a little fat quarter shop sticker to hold it over. I know it might be less expensive for them to cram it in the shipping bag without the inner bag, and the store stickers.  But I want them to know that at least to me, this little added care for the first impression works with me, it shows that on that end there is someone that cares enough about what they do that they are willing to go the extra mile, and that is what keeps me coming back.  

That's it for my two favorite shops, the two I order from the most often. EQUILTER  Is also a nice shop.  They wrap their fabric in tissue paper. And it is like opening a present with a stack of fabric inside.  

Don't even get me started with the yarn shops... some of those even tuck in a handwritten thank you note!

I hope that you all have a great weekend!! 


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