Saturday, May 05, 2012


I know that it has been a long time.  Not much going on here.  I had surgery on my remaining good joint, my knee, last Friday.  For a while I felt like a trunk that had limbs that didn't work.  I'm doing better now.  When I fell a year or so ago and took out my shoulder ( Surgery in Dec.) I also took out my "good" never injured joint.  It took that long to really make itself known strongly enough to do something about it. 
Sitting for a week with an iced knee gave me time to knit.
I knitted this in four days
It was part of a Mad May knit along.  So with nothing better to do, I watched netflix and iTunes through my apple TV and knitted.  Now that I am finished, I am going to start another shawl that is striped and I will use this yarn for for two contrasting stripes.
I normally wouldn't choose these colors, but it has to be a certain kind of yarn for the KAL,  I chose these because I love the dark one, and I figure at least it is something different for me.  I tend to go to purple for some reason when I buy yarn. 

I have not done any sewing, but now that I am back on my feet so to speak and have a couple of weeks off of work, in between Physical Therapy appts, I might start doing something in my studio. 
My fixed shoulder has developed some problems, so I am getting some additional time in PT.  Soooo. boring.  I'm actually looking forward to returning to work.  This time off was unexpected.  Luckily, I never take much time off, so I still had a couple of weeks of sick time, and now I am using a week of what I have in vacation.  I'm not wasting it for this! 

I will try to check in more often if there is actually anyone out there still reading my blog! 



Leslie said...

I check in with you. Hope you heal soon. Keep up the good work with PT. Even though it is boring, it works.

Robin said...

Your faberge is gorgeous. I haven't started mine yet- can't decide on colors.

laura west kong said...

Glad you're feeling better! Wish I could knit as beautifully as you!

laurajane said...

It's lovely we'll done to knit it in 4 days.