Friday, November 22, 2013


No excuses here, Just lost the need to blog.  I wasn't really doing any quilting, so I had nothing to blog about.  But I have a friend that started inviting me out to her home to sew with her.  One or two days a month gave me the motivation that I needed to get back behind my sewing machine.
Let's see.... I will show you some of the things I have made and some of the ideas I have had since the many months that I have been here.


This is my to go box with my second set of quilting supplies.  I got the box at JoAnn's.  There are two kinds, this is the deeper of the two. I have just about everything I would ever need when I am sewing, and what I don't have, I have a pad of post it notes so I can remind myself to put the missing notion in my box for the next time.  The best thing is, having a friend who has an extra machine that is almost exactly like mine.  She has a Bernina that she works on, but she was lucky enough to win a nice Pfaff at the AQS show raffle one year, and I only have to take my project and this box, and I don't have to drag along my machine.
I finished this quilt, made with a line of Moda Fabrics called "Iced Mocha".  The pattern that came with the kit was similar, except it called for these kind of ugly windmill blocks.  I changed them to sawtooth stars. 

I finally used some of my charm collection to make this quilt. I saw something like it hanging behind someone on a quilt video, and I got out my graph paper and worked up a pattern.  I love it, although the one thing I would do different is be careful of the placement of black prints in the corners of the sixteen patch blocks because they mess up the look of the star points in those areas.  But not a big deal,  though.
I finished a couple of others, but they will be gifts, I am making rice bags right now for gifts, as always, have all year, but waited until the last minute.  Although I am farther ahead than I was last year at this point.  Hopefully, I will be spending more time updating, I hope that you will stop in sometime! 

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