Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'm Wild about Harry

In a few minutes I am leaving to pick up my Harry Potter book. I spent last evening mapping out my project. and I made a block while I listened to the last Harry Potter book to refresh my memory. I have ordered my book on CD from Amazon and I hope that it comes soon. If they have it at Sam's maybe I will just buy it and cancel my Amazon order. At least that way, I can listen to the new book, and still work on my project. Otherwise, I may have my nose in a book all weekend.
This is the way I need to keep track of my blocks and their placement
And in order to use the right fabrics, thank goodness for sticky labels, I have the tiny strips pre-cut and ready to go. This is for one block

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Well, enough wasting time on the computer. I'm off to Sam's to get my book. Have a good weekend!

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