Friday, July 22, 2005

Pineapple Dilema

This is my progress so far on my pineapple. My dilema is, the seams. I have used 50wt grey Aurifil thread for the piecing. It is a very fine thread. I have also used a 60 sharp needle and a very small stitch length. My problem is.. the first 2 rows I have sewn together with this thread. And in some places, you can see the thread. Not alot, but enough that my eyes are drawn to it. The third row, in sewing the blocks together, I have tried to match the thread as much as possible with the fabric, although, the fabric color might change 3 times within that 2 inch width. I notice the seams a lot less in this row. My dilema is, should I take the first 2 rows apart and re-sew? I have used very small stitches to sew them. I'm afraid that I might damage the blocks in my attempt. and since it takes me at least an hour and a half to make each block, I don't want to mess them up.Because I certainly don't want to re-make any. I'm hoping that the quilting will detract from the seams in the end. I could always put that area as the bottom of the quilt. Maybe eyes will go to the top, and it won't be noticed. Of course.. being the perfectionist I am, I probably would always look at the bottom first. Have any of you run into this problem? How did you fix it?
I am taking a break. Have to go to the store and get vegetables and some food. I keep having this itch to start knitting again. I am trying to put it out of my mind..

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Two Madonna Gals said...

Hi Teri, take a fine permanent marker that matches your fabric (gel pens are permanent and you get a good range of color choices) and touch each thread until it disappears. I think if you go to a darker neutral thread, and adjust your bobbin tension, you'll eliminate the problem. I enjoy your blog and your quilts a lot, and I'm a big fan of your Day of the Dead quilt.--Barbara