Sunday, August 28, 2005


My husband and I go down to Amish Country a couple of times a month. This time I needed to go to Miller's dry goods for some black fabric for discharge dyeing. I bought several yards of P&B textiles, and RJR Black. I usually use Kauffman Kona Black, but I thought it would be an experiment which one I like the best.
We went to an auction which gave new meaning to one man's junk.. another's treasure. As you see, I saw the Amish version of a car show. I have never seen so many buggies in one place.. Come to think of it, where where all of the horses? I did see something that would have the politically correct crowd swooning... bunches of little boys lined up at a gun dealer's table, with rifles up to their shoulders looking through the site down the barrels. My camera battery was dyeing, or I would have snapped a picture.

Here are a couple of a line of buggies and horses parked beside Mrs. Yoder's, a restaruant that Bill and I eat at when we go down. It is the only time we have fried chicken. There's is pressure fried and not greasy at all. Best chicken I have ever had.

We took a back road to avoid Berlin, which is pretty much a busy tourist trap. We drove past this interesting barn along the way. We like going the back ways because you see so many interesting things.

While we were down, my husband stopped by his Amish friends new mill. I have seen the old mill which was beside his home. It was nothing compared to this one, but he made over a million a year at the home based mill with the generator driven machinery. He saids he expects that he will be able to triple his out put with this new mill.. My question, what the heck happens to all of the money? He has been really good to my husband, and lets him purchase great hardwoods at bargain prices.. That's how I have my solid oak kitchen cabinets, and hickory floors, and cherry furniture.. inexpensive wood, and a talented husband.

Just down the road from Charm, (Millers Dry Goods) is Hershberger's Truck Patch. We stopped and got a bunch of tomatoes, zucchini, sweet corn. They also have canned food made in the area. I picked up some mild salsa that I swear is just like the salsa a co-worker makes... she has a secret recipe.. you know.. one of those people that won't give out their recipes.. I was going to trade a quilt for her recipe.. but never got around to making the quilt. She lives down around Amish Country.. I wonder if she buys one of these Amish made salsas and says it is hers? Hmmm... The Salsa is kind of a cross between tomato sauce ( like spaghetti) and salsa. I can't wait to try it..
Anyway, we had a good time as usual. It was an overcast, but cool day, and it is nice to spend some time away with Bill. Almost like dating again after 24 years of marriage.
We stopped at Homestead Furniture, one of the many furniture

stores down there. I wanted to check the price of a very comfy mattress. It priced out at over 3,000 dollars.. won't be getting that one soon... I could have this nifty kitchen set for less..


Karoda said...

I love these type of getaways...we haven't done this in awhile but now that labor day is coming up I'm going to look for someplace interesting we can take the back roads to. Thanks for sharing!

Debra Spincic said...

Boy, that looks like a really fun way to spend the weekend! $1 million dollars, huh? is that ever interesting. Someone told me that the Mormons started the scrapbooking industry. I guess the Amish have the corner on furniture and quilts. Gosh, what can I start for a $1 million??

Rian said...

Reminds me of times I've spent in (Cuyahoga Falls) Ohio when we'd drive down to Amish country, usually on a photographing mission. I got my very first idea about making a quilt on one such journey.