Saturday, September 03, 2005


For a long time I have wanted to have my computer in the same room as my sewing machine. When it became more apparent that no one was going to move out and give me my room with windows.. and I found out that all that was needed was to have our network cable moved over to my room. I started moving things.. I had to move out my desk/bookshelves, which was a mess because it was loaded with books. My room is a disaster area, but after I go to Joanns for their notions sale, I am going to organize everything.

My sewing machine is here ... somewhere


Debra said...


I like this idea... "when I buy more stuff I'm going to get organized"...

I've tried it, doesn't work for me. Hope it works for you.

(will you be "playing by the rule" that one thing comes in.. two things go out?

Rian said...

Oh, I see...after you buy more stuff you will organize it...yes, makes perfect sense to me. Actually, it does! Nothing like a few new toys to get your organizational juices flowing!