Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Moving on

I got a request today, to post something... they couldn't look at the critter quilt anymore! My next project will be a coondominium. A tall building with racoon heads sticking out of windows.. Seriously...NOT.
My mini guild has another birthday coming up. I usually come up with the appropriate quilt for the birthday girl. I was going to do applique, and made ONE 3" Oak Leaf and Reel block. Nope.. too small, and I am one of the more experienced hand appliquer's in our group. So I came up with another plan. Lindy likes leaves. I got on EQ5 and came up with another idea. We will paper piece the leaves, because each block will be 2". I think that it will look nice. Now I have to put together little fabric kits to give to them, since we are traveling to the Quilt National show for out meeting this month, and Lindy's Birthday is next month. Then, we have 2 more birthdays, and I need ideas. This quilt will finish out at 11" Square.

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Debra Spincic said...

I think the "coondominium" could be a fun idea!!

I am envious---Quilt National!! I'll have to wait and see it in Houston. . .oh the misery! Have fun looking at those quilts.