Saturday, August 06, 2005

Pineapples and Beaches & Hobbits

It was a dreary morning when I ventured to my basement studio, but it has turned out to be a bright cool summer day, a great break though from the oppressive heat and humidity. I am back to work on my pineapple miniature. Yesterday, while at Sam's Club, I found one of my favorite old movies 'Beaches' on DVD. So I popped that in the player and started working on blocks. I know the movie well enough to know what's happening without looking at the screen. I only got 1 1/2 blocks done through the whole movie. That's how long one of these takes to make. Next, I am going to watch my extended version Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and finish piecing the next 8 blocks. That should just about do it. I should name this quilt something like '22 Movies'. I don't need another tearjerker movie, what I need is some hot, dirty, long haired men with swords.. yeah baby - off to Middle Earth!!!

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Karoda said...

Beaches is among my top favorite movies of all...but I still can't watch it without sobbing through it.