Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Shout it Out

Live and learn. I started making this block before the fiasco with my bleeding flying geese mini, so I didn't understand the concept of how important it is to pre-wash hand dyes. Even if you DID dye them yourself! My friend gave me a sample package of Shout Color Catcher to use on my mini when I finish quilting it. In the meantime, I finished yet another hand applique block in my little Hawaiian Sampler with an un-washed hand -dye on white (smart huh?).. I decided to rinse it because their were little spots of glue that came through to the top of the applique. I rinsed it in cold water and it bled. So I opened that little package of Shout Color Catcher and swished it and my block in a bowl of cool water.. It seemed to have worked. There is a little stained fabric, but you have to look closely. Most of it seems to be to the back of the applique. Otherwise, the block looks clean. I will try it on my mini. If it works, i will let you know.
I finished the center portion of my hand-dye pineapple. Now I am trying to decide on the border. I started making 20 pineapple blocks.. but as I go along.. it seems less and less an option.

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