Sunday, October 02, 2005


Catchy title huh? I have been thinking about quilting and why it is important to me. I have come to the decision that although I love the creative aspects of my craft, the friendships that I have formed with other quilters is what makes it meaningful for me. I have a group of online friends that I have talked to on a daily basis for 5-6 years. I have met a few of them, but not all. But the fact that I haven't actually met them or heard their voices, doesn't mean they mean any less to me. There is Kathie from Washington State, Teresa from Guam/Minnesota, Birgit from Germany, Maree from Australia, Gail from Wisconsi,Judy from Michigan, Sally from Missouri, Robin from Ohio, Laura from Virginia, Sharon from Arizona, Susan from Missouri, Jeri from Texas. We have, as a group, made many comfort quilts. For each other, and people we haven't met. They made a quilt for me when I was sick about 4 years ago, and it is precious to me.
There is also Marcia Hohn from Maine, with whom I worked on a Baltimore Album. She designed, I made it. The quilt will be shown in Quilter's Newsletter magazine in the future. I have never met her, but we managed to do this together.. and get a third place at Vermont Quilt Festival with the quilt.
I also am fortunate to have a group of friends that I get to see on a regular basis. Lindy, Kaye, Nancy, Karin, Bobbie, Kathleen. We call ourselves "Twisted Stitchers" and we meet once a month to work on miniature quilts. We also take road trips. Another friend is Susan, who is my touchstone.. the only one of my friends that gets as worked up about politics as I do. She is a book editor and has a wonderful sense of humor. I know that if I spend a day with her, my sides will ache from laughter. (Even though she scoffs at the fellowship idea with quilting.. in her words "fellowship, schmellowship")
I have done many crafts for a long time. Quilting is the only thing that I have done that gives me the gift of fellowship with other people that are interested in the same thing. That is,for me, the most important aspect of quilting


Debra Spincic said...

and what about your blogging/quilting friends???!!

Karoda said...

Prior to meeting my online girlfriends, we would say, "heres to the bestest friends that i've yet to meet". Over 5 years we've met a bunch of times for art retreats and now our friendships are more offline as if we've known one another forever.

Here's to your group!