Monday, October 10, 2005


I haven't really been up to much. I worked today.. my co-worker is going on a trip and I have to do her work when she is gone, so i guess that I will be busy for the rest of the week. I bleach discharged and overdyed a couple of lengths of fabric.

This was a piece of Kauffman Navy. I overdyed it with fire red. It's okay, but I'm not thrilled with it.

The second piece was a black print. I think it was a Moda. I really don't like how it turned out. I think that I will probably cut it up. I plan on taking a lot of my scraps and cut them into 3" squares, and HST. Then, I can just use them as needed at some later date.

I have a pastel piece that a friend made that I agreed to quilt. You know how I feel about quilting, so wish me luck. I am going to do this one on my machine. I'll post a picture when I am done. It is totally NOT me..


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