Thursday, October 13, 2005


Bill was in the hospital today getting his last blocked artery stented. They stented it in 3 places. He isn't as feeling well after this one, but, we are both glad it is his last. I hope forever. I had a guild meeting tonight. I love my guild. I had to be there because I am the program person. But, also because I love the ladies in the guild. Anyway, on the way home, I stopped for a coffee. I picked up a box of Good and Plenty by the register. I haven't had any for a long time. On the way home I put a handfull in my mouth, started chewing, and dislocated my jaw! I have TMJ that once in a while causes problems. But I am sitting here, unable to close my mouth! I have taken some Valium that my dentist gave to me for this problem. I hope it works. If my mouth is still open in the morning, I guess I will have it checked when I go in to work.
I finished two pieces. My Silk challenge, hand dyed silk strips on a raw silk foundation. An a pastel piece that a friend made for her sister. I quilted it for her when a long arm quilter refused to do it because it was too small.

This weekend, I am going to work in earnest on my Pineapple mini. I need to put a binding on my Aunt's Teddy Bear quilt, and get it in the mail.

Someone mentioned about the UPS store being more expensive than just going to UPS. I figure that you are right because that is where I went to mail my Skeleton Quilt to PIQF. I will know next time.
Well, off to bed. I have to get up early to go to work so that Bill doesn't have to wait all day for me to take him home. Bye all!

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gabrielle said...

Teri, my husband had a single stent nine years ago and has done so well with it. He went through all the stress tests etc afterwards...had an ekg last year...while it shows he has had an infarction ( guess there is some way they can tell), he got a clean bill of health....hope your jaw is better. Ouch!