Monday, October 24, 2005


My quilt came home from PIQF. I am always happy to get them back. I always have that lingering fear that my quilt will be lost in the mail. A California cyber-friend Judy, took pictures of my quilt hanging at the show . It didn't win anything. I didn't expect it would. I'm just starting at this, I am happy that it got juried in. my quilting and binding has been complemented in every show it has been in. This time the judges said:
  • Excellent quilting inthe black border areas
  • Very nicely bound
  • Embellishments in keeping with the theme

I think that I should use what appear to be my strengths, and make a quilt that would be a little more on the traditional side. But not too traditional... Not that I profess to be any kind of an expert, but a lot of people are doing bright fused things, and most of them are better than I am. I must admit, I do awesome hand applique, even if I must say so myself. I should put that to use. And there is always my mini pineapple. I can't wait to finish it so I can show everyone. I have two of the border rows of blocks on, and I am working on the long sides. I only have 14 blocks to go... or about 20 hours.. I have worked so hard on this. I am really hoping to get it juried into Paducah.. my favorite show. I will admit, I will be disappointed if they don't want it. All of this hinges on if I can actually finish it by mid December. I hadn't figured on it taking so long!!!

Sorry to all of you that wait for me to post something. I have a mostly non-eventful life. Don't generally have much to say. I like to have a picture to post.. all reasons why I haven't put anything up lately. I'll try harder!!!


Caitlin O'Connor said...

I lovelovelove your skeleton quilt! Don't be put off by not winning at one show - this is a really lovely quilt, and maybe there were just others there that the judges liked better because that's what THEY liked! Don't stop making what YOU like just because you think something different will be a winner. That way lies boredom and creative death.
I'm looking forward to seeing your new pineapple when you can show us; and keep going! You may not get into Paducah (one of my big dreams, too) but Iknow for sure if you don't ENETER it then you have ZERO chance!

Pat/SWquilter said...

I think your Dia de los Muertos quilt is fabulous! The judges comments were really positive - still can't believe it didn't win a prize. It's gorgeous!

Pat H.

Debra Spincic said...

I agree. Find what you are good doing and do lots of it! Out of that goodness will come new ideas. If you try to force yourself into something that doesn't really fit, it never will please you.