Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I figured I would blog while I could still use my fingers. The only thing I hate worse than going to the gynecologist is gardening. I love beautiful gardens, and would love to have one, but not enough to actually do the gardening. I planted two grocery store rose bushes last summer, and they are actually still blooming in October! I pulled up all of that black stuff that keeps weeds from coming up in your garden. The weeds were growing on top.. so it looked like a weed carpet. All of Bill's woodworking has produced huge bags of cherrywood mulch which I poured over and around my butterfly and lilac bushes. I planted about 10 tulip bulbs and tired of it, so that is going to be it. I took preventative muscle relaxants and Aleeve.. the last time I pulled weeds I got tendonitis in my left arm and couldn't pick anything up with my hand for 3 weeks. Bill and I discussed getting someone to garden for us maybe once a month. I REALLY ,REALLY hate doing it. Of course, I have a snotty old woman that lives next door that lives to garden. everything in her yard is perfect.. Okay, I'll admit it.. I know that the 10 foot weed that was in the front of my house all summer probably corked her, and just knowing that gives me pleasure. All of my quilty friends have lovely yards, and I am embarrassed when they see mine. but, I just HATE GARDENING! So.. now that this task is done for the winter... I don't have to think about it anymore.
I need a nap.

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