Monday, November 07, 2005


There was a headline in a local newspaper today. "Most Emergency Rooms Not Ready for Disasters". Aint that the truth. Mine isn't able to handle Mondays, so I say we skip the day. I thank God every day that I don't work full time.
I work for fabric.. actually, 2-3 kids in college at any given time, is another reason.

Ever have one of those days when it only takes one person to ruin it all for you? I have one of those people on a regular basis. I just think of my motto over and over and OVER again... "Dignity is the ability to keep from one's lips what shouldn't have been on the mind in the first place. " Put it like this.. I'm the most dignified person that you will ever meet at my work.

Anyway, back to more pleasant thoughts. While cleaning my sewing area, I came across a basket of brand new fabrics that I had forgotten about. They were ready to pre-wash. So this is the pile ready to be folded.

See? Once it is folded.. There isn't as much as you'd think!

On Friday, my friend Susan and I are going on a road trip to the Door Mouse, which is a huge quilt shop with stacks and stacks of fabric. I don't NEED any fabric, but I like to think of things that Susan and I can do together because she is so much fun to be with. She doesn't do workshops, she doesn't like sewing with others, so that is out, but she likes to shop. She makes me laugh. I don't have to put on a front with her. She has the same political views as I do, and we laugh all day about all kinds of things that I would never be able to say to my other quilting friends that are more liberal leaning. She edits books for a living and has a quirky sense of humor. I can't wait until Friday!!

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