Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Genesis House Tree

Every year, my guild makes ornaments and decorates a Christmas tree that is auctioned off for the local women's shelter. This year the theme was "Postcards to the Pole". Guild members made fabric postcards to be used as ornaments. I started to, but I just can't get into making postcards. I made a mailbox to be used for the tree topper.
I just cut squares of Christmas fabric and glued them on a cardboard mailbox. I cut a hole in the bottom to put the top of the tree through, and we also wired it onto the tree. we stuck some postcards in the mailbox after it was on top of the tree. We had a good time. Would you believe

that out of about 140 members of the guild, we managed to get 6 to come to help do this tree? Granted, how many do you need? But still... When we finished, we sat at a table and had some coffee and Lemon Poppyseed muffins. It was fun to watch people come up and gawk over the fabric postcards. I hope that it makes a family very happy this Christmas. I think it would be the perfect post office tree.

Even the tree skirt, made by Lindy, had postage stamp fabric.

I am just not in the mood to put up a tree. It is so much work, I am always the one that has to put the tree up and take it down. I got into collecting Hallmark ornaments many years ago. I only buy a couple every year now. I don't even know why I bother. I love them, but I have hundreds. I can't get them all on the tree, I don't have the desire to do it either. I have this little tree that I always put in my kitchen. Here it is last year, decorated with gingerbread .Topped with a paper angel that one of my girls made in grade school.

As you can see, it is a Charlie Brown tree. I love this little tree. I was thinking about putting lights on it and hanging some of my antique glass balls on it. I can sit it on my cedar chest, in my front window, and viola! A tree, with little fuss. I have already heard "We can't have that little tree for Christmas!" But when I mention that they should decorate and do all of the work with the big tree, I get no volunteers. My kids are all college age, what do you think? After shelling out a few thousand for next semester college tuition for them, I just can't get into doing the 'commercial' Christmas thing. By the way.. after making 2 skirts for the Genesis house tree, I still do not have one for my own tree.

And lastly, my tacky purchase for Christmas

I found the head in Amish Country. It was the smile that got me. I put the wreath on, with the sign "Be naughty, save Santa the Trip"and the ornament and the hat.

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Scrapmaker said...

The tree is beautiful, the mailbox is fabulous, and the deer head made me laugh out loud. Good job! Jen