Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tree Update

We called our insurance company, who will cover replacement of our trees and bushes up to 10,000.00. They will then go after the neighbor for the cost. I don't know how all of this is going to turn out. I hate conflict. I like living a peaceful life. Why couldn't she just mind her own business? We had to make out a police report, so of course they had to come out and talk to us and to the neighbor.. who was livid to say the least. Probably embarassed with the police car sitting in the front of the house with lights on for 45 minutes. I told the police that we weren't interested in pressing charges. We just wanted her to get the point that when we said no to her all of those times about cutting our trees, we meant no. Her yard is these neat little sections of plants surrounded by mulch.. nothing out of place. We have miles of woods behind our house, the patch that was growing up our fence was wild and not neatly mulched.. just the way I liked it. Wild berries, day lilies, stuff like that. When I replant, I am going to plant things that grow fast and big. My friend showed me bushes she has called "Privit" I think. Maybe some Lilac and Butterfly bushes. I would like some Wisteria. This time I am going to plant all the way up my fence to the house so I don't have to ever look at her again. And just to be safe, I am going to plant my new stuff inside my fence.. and it will get big enough to grow through my fence and stick out the other side.
I REALLY don't like all of this drama. But we just felt that we couldn't roll over and let her get away with it. Ever since I have told my friends about this, I have heard other neighbor horror stories. My favorite is my friend who put up a fence 4 feet within her property line. Her neighbor's son regularly used to cut through my friend's lawn to catch the schoolbus. So, the neighbor boy's father decided to cut a gate in my friend's new fence.. after all, he didn't think his kid should have to go the long way to the school bus! Needless to say, he had to replace the fence..
What the heck is wrong with people.. it boggles my mind!


Debra Spincic said...

In TX, that's what we have guns for. . . (*wink*). I am aghast.

Privet is a fast growing shrub. Give it 5 years and you won't be able to see the old biddy.

Butterfly bushes drop their leaves in winter. . .another good screen bush is Vitex (chaste tree). It has gorgeous big purple blooms but the leaves look like marijuana leaves.

Be sure to price some mature trees from a nursery that they can plant with the ball in tact. They will give a mature natural look faster. How about pine trees?

Dianna in Maui said...

How about something really fantastic that drops all kinds of debris over her fence...wicked!

Alison Schwabe said...

You are lucky your insurance covers this dreadful thing, but personally I would have pressed charges. Forget talk of guns and things, charges and the appearances in court, penalties to be paid and so on are all a matter of public record; and if the rest of the community hs any doubts about her, putting her through that process means she cannot be let off the hook easily. Not only should she be made to pay the insurance company, she probably should be fined or serve out some community work order or something - a penalty in other words. IMHO, with anything less, particularly if she can easily write a check for the insurance company, you are letting this evil sick woman get away without needing to really face the consquences for her illogical actions - it may well be that she really needs some kind of psych. treatment, and letting her slide out of this situation is enabling her and her family (if she has one) to avoid facing this. Charge her, going in full bore, I say!

Lindy said...

Sweetgum has the prettiest star shaped leaves with awesome fall colors, and if you lean it a bit toward her property, it drops those mean, spiny little balls all over the grass....

Karoda said...

I have to agree with Allison. You didn't create the drama and if it has to be, better in your favor then not. I know wisdom comes from knowing when to hold 'em or fold 'em...but in my opinion this is one case where holding them would be my choice.

I've been meaning to ask your city the home of author The Toni Morrison? Thats what I think about when I see your weather report in the side bar.