Thursday, November 17, 2005

BRRR... It's Cold!

Oh the lovely weather in northern Ohio. It was 70 degrees on Tuesday and last evening I went to bed with a forcast of 4-6 inches of snow! It is bitter cold this morning, everything is frozen, but no snow. In northern Ohio, we get what is called "Lake Effect" snow. Cold air blows down from the north over the "warm" water in lake Erie and dumps snow on all of the area directly inland. Usually, the wind is also blowing east, and all of the communities east of us where the state goes up to the north, get slammed with snow. Luckily, I live smack in the center where the border of Ohio dips down. And I live 1 mile south of Lake Erie. This usually means that we stay "warmer" and snow free longer that areas more inland. I can drive the 9 miles to work and they can be covered with snow, and get home, and there isn't any. Weird.

I feel so free. I finally finished the top of my miniature pineapple. For those of you that like to count, it has 49 two inch blocks and 2,205 pieces, and took me 75 hours to piece. I will post a pic when it is completely finished. I didn't use paper piecing paper, so I will be spending a good amount of time tearing little pieces away. Probably another 75 hours with my luck.

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Rian said...

Teri, I remember "lake effect" snow very well from my childhood in Cuyahoga Falls. We would get lots of snow days and the drifts were so high between the houses you could tunnel through them. I miss the snow...