Monday, December 05, 2005


Ugh, I hate Mondays. I feel like crap this morning. Ate the wrong things last night, and my blood sugar is high this morning. I tripped on the stairs Saturday night and smacked my left eye on the railing. No harm done to me, but it snapped my glasses in half. Of course I don't have a back up, so Bill wired them together for me. I am going to try to get in to order new glasses today because these can't be repaired. All that because I was in a hurry to try an idea. I was sewing a binding on a quilt, and I grabbed a box of those black binder clips (office supply kind) size small to hold the binding over so I could hand stitch it. Let me tell you, works a lot better than pinning, and at least with this binding, easier than trying to pull it up into place to stitch it.
Reading everyone's blogs. A lot of people are planning resolutions for the new year. I have lived long enough to know, that I don't ever do resolutions. I still weigh too much... and I wasn't "UFO free in 03" and they weren't "out the door in 04". Couldn't think of any thing for 05 still had the UFO's from 03...... So I am just going to try to live my life the best I can, and get what I can done.

Bill is in Columbus for the next 3 days for a training that he missed when he was sick. Scares me to death that he is out of my sight. I have to get over this. Not sure how to do it. One thing his scare did is make me realize how precious he is to me.

Well speaking of things precious... I have to go to work.. NOT a precious thing.. and one of the reasons to not like Monday. I am getting too old to get up at 5AM. I feel great if I can even sleep in until 8, but I always feel like crap when I have to get up this early. Who can go to bed at 9pm? not me... Maybe I should try and see how I feel. Well the clock is ticking. Have a good day! I want to see some progress from all of you!


Heather said...

Using the clips for the binding is a great idea.

Scrapmaker said...

Congratulations Teri. I'll make sure I take a close look at your quilt when I'm at Road next month. Jen