Sunday, December 25, 2005


It's that time of year. I am glad that the Christmas season is over. I am ready to take down the tree and get ready for the new year.

The place that we went every year for our annual family Christmas photo, closed last year. So now we are forced to do our own. Also.. we don't see the need to get dressed up to do it. So we are back to the way we did it when the kids were little and I could put them on my lap to cover my fat. You can see that it is true that Sam is an angel. You can see his halo.

We had a nice Christmas. We have our meal and gifts on Christmas eve. Two of the kids had to work today. So Bill and I and daughter Jaclyn went to the movies. We saw "Rumor Has It" . It was a pretty funny movie. Shirley McClaine always cracks me up. I was surprisingly tearful for half of the day. I don't know why. I was having computer problems. I had Matt re-format it because things weren't working. Then I had trouble re-installing some of my programs. I still can't get the bugs out. I am getting pop ups on my desk top. I couldn't find any of my computer designing software.. EQ5 , corel 10. It wasn't with my other software. I did find it this afternoon. I have everything installed, but not back the way that I want it. Bill gave me an external hard drive for backing up my photos. Turns out the portable hard drive is as big as the main hard drive on my computer. I have a second hard drive that I only use for photos. That way I don't have to worry as much if something bad happens on the main hard drive. I still regularly back up my photo drive. Bill, also made a new thread chest for me. This one has 3 drawers and is made out of Cherry. It isn't done yet. I marked out areas in one drawer for dowels to be inserted to hold the spools. One drawer will be open, and the other will have 2 dividers that will extend the width of the drawers. It will have the reproduction knobs on the front like the ones on the 6 drawer JP Coats, repro that Bill made for me a couple of years ago. And it will have the JP Coats decal labels on the front of the drawers. It is beautiful, I can't wait until it is finished. I will take pictures! Well, I have to work tomorrow, so my fun time is over. I have 4 days off over New Year's. I am counting the hours...

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