Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Ahhh.. my favorite time of the year. Post Christmas. I am trying to think of what to do right now, I was thinking.. nap. But I will go up and take down the tree.
Went to the dentist today. I have had problems with TMJ for years. I had a long affair with orthodontia when I was a kid. Have a small mouth, and had 8 teeth (with wisdom teeth) pulled before braces. My bite has been off and my jaws clicking for years. One summer when my kids were little, they were swimming under water, through my legs.. you know how kids are. My daughter came quickly up out of the water and smacked the top of her head on the end of my chin. I have had pain in my jaw more frequently since then. Since the Good and Plenty incident 2 months ago when I dislocated my jaw, I have had constant pain on the right side of my face. I will wake up during the night, and I can't close my teeth together. If I chew anything that takes effort, sharp pain goes into my ear.
I went to the dentist today for x-rays to make sure that I didn't have an abcess or something (almost wished it had been). She took a bunch of x -rays and is sending me to a TMJ specialist. So, if my insurance covers it.. maybe I will go. If not ... I will suffer. On the bright side.. maybe he will wire my mouth shut so I can't get any food in.

I mailed my quilt to Road to California. It only cost somehting like $13.00. The key is to get it in the mail early. Of course, I had to put that check in the bag for $27.00 for them to mail it back to me (ouch). So nothing exciting is going on today. I came home to a quiet house, everyone is somewhere else. Just me and the dogs.

Speaking of dogs. Lily is the most stupid animal I have ever had. She is 7 months old, and still isn't fully housebroken. She has jumped on my kids beds and wet them. I will take her out and she will stand and sniff the air, or walk around for 20 minutes and never do anything. She spends a lot of time in her crate. If I can't watch her every minute, she is locked up. Bill commented how she will be like the baby in Back to the Future, who spent all of his time in his playpen Uncle "Jailhouse Joey". So we have nicknamed the dog "Lock Up Lily" . You know, I don't mind standing out with her for 20 minutes when it is 70, but when it is 7 and the wind is blowing and it is snowing, and she is staring into space... I have a problem with it. What kills me is when I mention how hard Lily is to housebreak.. to my 80 year old Aunt.. My aunt says "she was almost housebroken when I had her " (at 8 weeks). I figure that she just hasn't found that minefield of crap behind her couch yet.

Oh well, onward and upward... Later!


Anonymous said...

We have a one year old J.R. the only dog I've had any trouble training. One day I had him out for quite a while came inside the house and five min. later he wet. I was so mad I yelled really loud BAD BAD BAD. I usually don't yell at our dogs but just lost it.Guess what? He got the message and has been good ever since.Maybe she needs a scolding :)

Teri said...

She's been scolded.. it doesn't matter. She has this wild look in her eyes. I call it doggy A.D.D. I have had dogs all of my life. Nearly all one type of retriever. They are smart. My last 2 dogs have been Shih Tsu. Sam also took forever to train . He would leave piles wherever he could fit in. I think he knew he was being bad, so he hid. He knows how to go to the door now, or nag me until I take him out. I've tried taking her out without the other dogs, I have taken her out with my other 2 dogs. It is kind of hit or miss. Sometimes she rushes and does her business, other times, she won't because she is too distracted by the world. I think my puppy days are over. I don't have the patience to mess with housebreaking anymore. And forget about obedience training this breed. They pretty much do what they want. I have been able to teach Sam to sit. That's the extent of his tricks. I used to show my Goldens in obedience trials. My Shih Tsus are what they were bred for.. lap dogs. They are really good at that!!;)

Debra Spincic said...

. . . hasn't found that minefield of crap behind her couch yet!

LOL! I guess she can't smell either!