Thursday, December 15, 2005


I told ya I had a little Charlie Brown tree! I think it is cute, and I don't care if the family likes it or not. Bah Humbug...
I should be cleaning up. I have Twisted Stitchers at my house tomorrow. I am dragging. I had the show last night, and didn't get home until after midnight. I asked for today off but was told if I wanted any time off between December 14th and Jan. something (holiday season) that I had to have 20 years on the job. I could have off if I had coverage.. the person who denied me the day off is the only one that can cover me, because no one else does my job. I could have worked tomorrow and had today off. But I would not ever miss my Twisted Stitcher group..besides it was the point of it all. I just lost some sleep.

The Glenn Beck one man show was good. It was funny. He talked about his family Christmas traditions, and what he thought the real meaning of Christmas is. He said it was not about the food, family, gifts or even about the baby Jesus. It was about the man Jesus and what his life was, about redemption, and getting second chances to make your life right. Very touching. He gets a little too emotional though.. like he said "everytime I do this part of the show I feel like I'm turning into a chick". I hate to tell ya Glenn, I'm a chick, and I don't cry like that. If I hadn't have been in the nose bleed section, I would have thrown a bra... There was a part that he showed positive photos of our troops helping people. I don't know the name of the Christmas song.. I think Andy Williams sang it.. "Some children see Him lily white, the baby Jesus born this night... somechildren see Him lily white with ...golden(?) hair.." This song played while photos of our troops flashed up on a big screen on the stage . then 4 young men came

two Marines, one Army, one Navy.. At least that's what I think they were.

They got a standing ovation. That is Glenn on the left of the stage.
It was a nice evening. We didn't leave early enough. Although I told Bill what time I thought we should leave the house.. he always thinks that I leave too early and he doesn't like "sitting in an empty theater" because we get there too early. Well.. the show started at 7:30. Akron is an hour away. We didn't know where we were going, we got lost, needless to say, we just got there in time. He has a way of twisting things so that it is "my fault". But I just shut up and got my point across when I wasn't so ticked. The secret to a long happy marriage. Keep your mouth shut until you aren't as angry. If I ever let loose when I was mad.. I probably would be on my 5th husband by now!! Well, I have wasted enough time. I hear thundering paws running across the floor upstairs.. these furrry kids, you can't leave them alone for 5 minutes...


Debra Spincic said...

When I was growing up, my mom always had us arriving too early for anything and we waited. When I came home from college the first time, they were living in Germany and it was a very long drive to pick me up at the airport. My mom misread the information and they got to the airport a day ahead of time (wrong day)! They had to find a hotel room on the Germany economy around Christmastime. Boy, my dad was steamed! So much for being early!!

I am pretty punctual but I do invoke the 15 minute rule around here sometimes. I have been known to push the very last minute!

Annie said...

Thanks for that wrap up of Glenn's Christmas show,I was hoping you would do that.Had to laugh at wanting to "throw a bra at him".He certainly is way too emotional,but I think a lot of that is theatrical and he has fine tuned it to be genuine,whatever, he does a very good job at it!

: )