Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Okay, today's wacky website is for you oldies but goodies that had eight track players. Bill did.. I threw a box of his tapes out (don't tell him) it was several years ago, and I know that he never missed them. http://www.8trackheaven.com/

I have spent the entire day getting everything together for my guild's workshops. I had a surprise one that I didn't know about because the information email came when Bill was sick, and I missed it. Luckily, one of my friends set it up, so she re-sent the email. And I was surprised to find out that there would be a workshop along with the lecture. But, I managed to get someplace to meet for our workshops for the rest of the year. Which is a load off of my mind. I also have the sign up list and supply list to take to guild on Thursday. I still have to get my paperwork together for George and Virginia Siciliano http://www.georgesiciliano.com/workshops.htm and for Mary Stori http://www.quilt.com/Artists/MaryStori/MaryStori.html

I am new to this stuff. I volunteered for this job, and it is a big one. It takes a lot of planning ahead. I am usually pretty good at the planning part, it is just the financial part that gives me the willies. I am not sure what to charge guild members for workshops. I don't want to put our guild in the hole because of my inexperience. But I still have some time to pull it together.

Hope you all are warm and happy. Talk to you tomorrow.

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