Monday, January 09, 2006


Okay, the wacky website of the day

Here is the "Small Stuff" entry.. "Many of us have become so incredibly serious. We're offended easily and become bothered, irritable and uptight at the drop of a hat." I think this is a good one. I will admit.. I am guilty too often of being incredibly serious.. at least the bothered, irritable and uptight part. I am not easily offended.

And here is my cure when I am feeling especially cold and cranky... a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream... of course 1/3 of it is Bailey's Irish Cream.

A few years ago, I came across this little stuffed Zebra while I was at the grocery store. I bought it, and for reasons, I can no longer remember, I started mailing 'her' to quilting friends, who would in turn take her to quilt shows, classes, and on other adventures. They would send pictures, and I would post them in my webshots album.
I named the zebra Zelda. She has been all over the world. To many places in the U.S., France, Germany, Japan, and Guam. She has been on cruises, plane rides (first class). And she has had her picture taken with many well-known quilters. I am a slacker, or she would have met many others. If only I had remembered to take her with me. She has come home with many unusual things. Babies have shown up in my mailbox.. I know the AZ retreat people had a bad influence on her... so that is probably the reason.

She is on her way to California to the Road to California Show. She will be wearing my contestant name tag. When I unpacked her, I found a bag I forgot that I had. I packed her in that for her trip.

She is on her way there now, to travel with Suze and have her picture taken in front of my quilt and my friend Gail's quilt. Sometime I would like to send her to my friend Maree in Aus. She has never been there. You can check out pictures of her adventures at

Finally, I would like to show you a picture of this little Dirt Devil that I got at a local pharmacy. It is great for defuzzing the sewing machine.

I hope that all of you have a great evening. I had a long day, and I am going to have a hot cup of soup and put my feet up. I am going through old magazines, taking out things I might use and tossing the rest. I came across some ten year old American Quilter Magazines with pictures of show winners. Several of the quilter's whose blogs I read daily were in there. I hope they know that they are aging well.

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