Wednesday, January 04, 2006


My Twisted Stitcher group has made birthday quilts for each member this year. I designed the quilts, and the blocks were pieced by all of the members. These two blocks are for two of the three last quilts. The block on the left is not trimmed. It will be 6 x 6" and it will be surrounded with green, gold, and rust log cabin blocks. the block on the right is 6" x *' purple coneflowers . I threw a penny down on the blocks to give an idea of the size of those bias stems! This block will be surrounded with bright hand dyes with black pinwheel blocks. The third quilt is the most difficult.. considering the size. It is a 2" block storm at sea. Black, and hand dyes of bright oranges and yellows. I might want to keep that one! It is great! But I don't have all of the blocks back yet so I can't show you.
Stay tuned...

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Scrapmaker said...

These are beautiful applique blocks, and from the description, I think the quilts will be knockouts. Let us see pictures as they progress. Jen