Friday, February 10, 2006


My favorite day of the week. I am off work, and everyone else is working and I generally have the house to myself. Not a lot going on. I finally got around to borders and basting of these mini birthday quilts. Now the hare part, figuring out appropriate quilting for each. I have been fighting off bronchitis. I felt bad yesterday and did my annual one day call off. Actually it is the first time in over a year that I have missed work. I just hate to slack off of my responsibility, but I couldn't face getting up at 5am on a snowy morning after coughing up a lung all evening. So I spent the day working on quilts. I get side tracked easily so it's a challenge sometimes.
This is Zelda. She is a little zebra that I picked up on a grocery shopping trip. I bought her because I thought she was so cute, and had a "personality". I made a quilted vest for her and decided that I would take her with me to quilt shows and ask famous quilters to take pictures with her. Her first show was Paducah in 2002. Ricky Timms is the first to have his pic taken with Zelda, many have followed. Sue Nicols and Pat Holly, Caryl Bryer Fallert, Nancy Smith, Alex Anderson, Kaye Wood, and so many others, I can't think of them all. She has missed a few because I forgot her. She has travelled to many shows that I couldn't go to. If my quilt is hanging, she had her picture taken in front of it. She has been to Japan, and shows in Germany and France, she will go to Australia next year. She has been in Guam, and to a retreat in Arizona. She went on a cruise with Mary Stori, and has been to many different states. If you go to my webshots albums, you can see pictures of where she has been. There are many humerous pictures. Next month she will go to Texas with my friend Nancy. She will be attending a workshow with Karen Stone. Then she will be going to Florida with Nancy to visit grandchildren (Nancy's) Hey, even Zelda needs a little down time. She has a new vest of flying geese to replace the quilted string pieced vest that she has been traveling with. Maybe whe will go to Paducah this year. She has taken the last couple of years off. Well, blogger is acting weird again. I am goint to get off of the computer and do something constructive.

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