Saturday, February 04, 2006


This is Lily D. Monster. She is an 8 month old Tibetan Spaniel that was given to my 80 year old Aunt who decided that she was just too hard to handle. I have had her since she was about 9 weeks old. Man-o-Man, what a handful. I'm glad she only weighs about 10 pounds. I said I would take her because I felt Sam needed a companion because Claire, our Golden Retriever, is getting to old to romp the way Sam does. Now the tables are turned, and Lily torments Sam. One night, Sam was trying to jump up on the couch to lay between Bill and me. He'd jump, and fall back, Jump and fall back.. with this funny look on his face. I looked over the edge of the couch to see Lily yanking his tail at his every attempt to jump up.
Yesterday, I took Lily to the vet to be spayed. It has been marked on the calendar for 2 weeks as Lily Free Friday. It was a peaceful day.. I am biding my time now blogging, because I know that I will have to go pick her up at the vet at some point this morning.

I thought that along with the nice picture.. I would show the slightly crazy picture. Kinda looks like Egore.. yesh master... Do you think that they will keep her sedated until Monday when I go back to work? On another note.. I got the bright Idea to go through all of the magazines that I have been hoarding through the years and take out what I can use, and pitch the rest. All I can say, is I'm glad I let all of my subscriptions but a couple lapse. I almost have a file drawer empty, and I just thought of a bunch that I put in a box for sorting. I should just pitch them all.. I probably never would know what I had. But I have found a few interesting things. Applique placement diagrams that are small enough to be used on some future miniature quilt. They are traditional patterns, so there should not be a problem there. I found patterns for traditional spikey sashing, so I don't have to draft it myself.. I really do have to attempt to get something accomplished this weekend. Bill is off doing accounting work.. it IS tax season. I think he would rather take up woodworking as a sideline business. He's really good at it. I have told him that I think quilter's would buy spool chests if he made them to sell. I know that I love mine. I am going to figure out the size of a 2 drawer chest that is about half of the size of my 3 drawer. And he is going to make some of those. They would be nice to keep on the table by a couch to put hand-sewing supplies in. Well, it's getting late. It is time to get Lily. Oh.. another Lily story. Remember the Back to the Future movie? The mom had a bother that was in jail. She made a cake for him because he was finially getting out. They called him Uncle 'jailbird Joey". Then when they were in the past, and Marty ended up staying with his mother's family.. Joey was a baby and was in his playpen(wooden with bars).... "He loves being in there, so we just leave him in it". That's Lily in her crate. She gets into so much trouble, that she spends a lot of time in her crate. We call her "Lockup Lily". She's getting better the older she gets.. maybe when she is 12 she will be perfect...


Anonymous said...

Lily's adorable. Even the Igor picture.

Scrapmaker said...

Cute little terror is she?
Yes, I think Bill could absolutely sell his lovely thread chests to quilters. Jen

Elle said...

Lily's too cute!

Rian said...

What an adorable little can she reign such terror!

Just kidding, I'm sure she's a pistol. My schnauzer is still a puppy at four and a half.

Good luck.