Sunday, February 26, 2006


I used a couple of bundles of 8 step gradations from Cherrywood to make 'There and Back Again". Maybe for a mini applique, I will use :
This is a new pallette that they use called "Potter's Wheel". Now, I know, I am not usually attracted to pastels... but how about this as an accent?:
This palette is called "Alaskan Sunset. I think using at least 2 of the colors of the 'Potters wheel' palette for the back ground, and the colors of 'Alaskan Sunset' as the accent and details... might be just perfect.. and that way. I won't have to worry about the colors coming out wrong when I do them. I do bright colors well as you can see.. it is subtle that I have a problem with..


Karoda said...

I really love your miniatures...the combo of applique and the pieced smallness of the traditional patterns gives cause for pause...and the peach and ecru colours I love also. peace.

Scrapmaker said...

I love Cherrywood, but they are pricey so I just own a few. But, did I mention I love Cherrywood. Jen