Saturday, March 25, 2006


I have been looking for these since I bought Gabrielle Swain's DVD. That has been at least 4-5 months. I have looked in odd places... art supply stores, Michaels, JoAnne's, among other places like that. And where do I end up finding them even when I wasn't looking for them? STAPLES.
I went to get a USB port extension, and was looking at the dry erase boards, when I just ducked down an aisle to get to the front of the store.. and right there waiting for me were two sizes of boxes of these water soluble oil pastels!

My job has been trying to work me to death. I have only had one day off since March 3rd. I said that I would help with a special project, but because of some sort of political pressure, the deadline was moved up from April 1st (oh yes, I'm the fool) to MONDAY. I spent 12 hours there today.. and I couldn't take any more and I came home. There are too many things beyond my control with this project, and it isn't running smoothly. I spent the day wildly crabby. I think I will mutiny. I need tomorrow off to go to the movies with Bill. Spending time with him is more important to me than spending time at work on my day off. I was told there would be a major hissy fit if the project wasn't done as promised (by someone doing none of the work) but at this point, I could give a flying fig! I'll sleep on it.. but it doesn't look promising..

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Rian said...

I got a box of these a few months ago, haven't played with them yet. Let me know how/what you do.