Sunday, March 26, 2006


Because of Diva's advice, I was able to get my pictures for the Houston entry. Diva, I tried to email you, but I couldn't find an address. You asked to see my entry. It will be the miniature pineapple that was accepted to Paducah. You can find a picture a few posts back.
I had to email IQF to ask them if they would disqualify my entry for one pixel. By the time I figured out to fine tune my crop in my photo program, I had already sent the original to the recycle bin, which has mysteriously disappeared from my desktop, and I can't find it. I have been having some annoying computer problems, and I am waiting for new motherboard etc. before I fix it. Anyway, the photo is 1800 x 1199. I still don't care for the full image.. I might try to take it again before I mail it off to Paducah. I have a habit of getting right up on the quilt for a good photo.. which is too many pixels to work with. So I have to back off . The board I pinned the quilt to tilted just enough to make the top of the quilt look wonky when it isn't. I have a few days. I hope that the sunshine holds out!!

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diva of quilts said...

Glad it worked out for you. LOVE the pineapple quilt! I believe you that it took 85 hours or something. Miniatures are definitely not any faster than doing full-sized blocks and once they get really miniature they take even longer for me because the pieces get too small for me to handle. But at least they don't take as much fabric to make and you don't have as much square footage to quilt.

I'd thought my e-mail address was in my profile, but I'll have to go back and check out what's actually there. I'm still figuring out this blogging business.