Friday, March 31, 2006


I am actually sewing GARMENTS. I used to sew my clothes all of the time when I was young and thin. Then I sewed my kids clothes until they developed curves. I'm not a tailor by any stretch.
I made a swing jacket out of teal and navy rayon batik. and I am getting ready to make a kimono style shirt out of red hand painted rayon batik. I got the patterns and fabric during one of my Paducah trips.. that is how long it has sat around.

My friend brought to my attention that on LOST the other night, the woman that Locke was doing the house inspection for was Sayid's Nadia. That's why I love this show. So many little things to keep track of.. this one got past me though.

Well, I am going up to move my living room around, and watch movies I rented
Pride and Predjudice.. pretty good but Kiera Knightly is cute, but when she smiles, she looks like she is snarling.
The Constant Gardner
The Prize winner of Defiance Ohio- I was waiting for this, but totally missed it's theater appearance.. which may be a bad thing
War of the Worlds- I saw this in the theater, I think Tom Cruise is a nut.. but, hey, I wanted to give it another try.

Nothing in the theater I want to go see this weekend, so I might as well enjoy DVD's at home.


Deborah said...

I missed Nadia too -- but it makes perfect sense. I am entranced by all the details on LOST. What will happen next?!

Anonymous said...

I thought the actress who played Jane in the latest P&P was the best "Jane" I had seen. I really like the way they portrayed Mrs Bennett in a sympathetic light too.

My boys like the new Battlestar Galactica (just for a complete change of movie genre!)...and while I was reluctant at first..I must admit that constant exposure has made me more


QuiltingFitzy said...

The Prize Winner was a wonderful read, I just can't watch the movie if I've read the book, lol.