Thursday, March 02, 2006


It all started with Home of the Brave quilts. I was helping my friend Beverly, who is the state of Ohio coordinator, sew labels on a stack of quilts. These quilts go to the familys of soldiers that have died in Iraq. We were chatting, and Beverly was telling me about a Marine Master Sgt in Columbus that was very helpful with distribution of the quilts. She was tickled because he was so gruff. And commented that he mentioned that he was a VietNam vet, and "no one ever did this for us". We both decided then that we should make a quilt for him. I lost an uncle (also a Sgt.) in VietNam, and I felt that this would be my way of remembering him, and thanking this Marine for a long dedication to his country. Bev had a bunch of blocks that were too bright for the Civil War Repro quilts that are used for Home of the Brave. She suggested that we use these blocks. I did a large applique eagle to use with the blocks. I wanted to do more blocks, but I just couldn't get it together enough to move along with this.
Anyway, I asked some of the members of my guild if they would be interested in getting together to help put this quilt top together. Eight of us got together today, and finished the top.
It made a nice lap quilt. I hope he likes it!

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Scrapmaker said...

He will love it, no question. Jen