Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I have been having problems with my computer for a while. Now, on Blogger, it says "Runtime error, do you wish to debug?" Anyway, Nothing but a text box shows up. None of the buttons, none ot the tabs. All of this started happening when my son left a flashdrive in his pants pocket and threw it in the washer. Stupid me.. when I found it, I put it in my computer to see if it still worked. U dib;t gyess ut dud, because ever since that I have been having trouble. I didn't want to re-format until I could upgrade. So her told me what to get. I just ordered a new motherboard and memory so I could soup up the size and speed of my computer. When I go to Paducah, he will fix my computer.. he BETTER fix my computer.

I am quilting my flying geese mini that was ruined by running hand dyes. I made it before my AQS entry, and I was so disappointed that it was ruined, I never finished quilting it. It's almost finished and will hang on my studio wall since you can't tell anything is wrong from a distance.

Sorry... no pictures for a while!!

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Frederique said...

Sorry for your computer troubles, I hoper to see this flying geese one day!
I added your blog to my links,