Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am sitting in the AQS Cyber Cafe. It is before the show opens, although, we visited it in a sneak preview last night. Sharon Schramber won Best in Show with her beautiful quilt Sedona Rose. She also won best.. something.. wall quilt..
I did not win anything.. didn't expect to.. Caryl Fallert won 3rd in miniatures.. with a printout of another quilt that she made and printed the image out on fabric and quilted... go figure.

Gail won SECOND in her category and $1,000.00. She was really floored.
There is a line behind me and I should get off. I will get here earlier tomorrow. Bye for now.


Rian said...

How nice that AQS has a cyber cafe. I'm enjoying following your adventures there. Sorry you didn't win anything. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Go Gail!! WOOOHOOO!! Wish I was there for the party :)