Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My hairy kid is home. Poor little guy had 4 big stones (for a little bladder) the two I saw were a little bigger than peas. And the two they sent away were almost the size of marbles. Along with a bunch of gravel. He has a 3" incision on his abdomen ($225.00 an inch) The vet sent him home on antibiotics and pain meds. The vet says that he acts like he is still in pain, that Sam is 'sensitive' anyway. I'm glad that this vet realizes that animals can feel pain, especially after abdominal surgery. He sent the stones out to see what might be causing the problem.

Rian, Sam has been on Science Diet SD and/or CD for 2 years, the first time we saw 'gravel' in his bladder and he was peeing blood. The stones only got worse. And if he hadn't had pain from a degenerative disc in his back, ($$Cha-ching!) I wouldn't have known that the stones had become so big. The vet said that some dogs just develop them. I'm up for any kind of ideas on how to prevent them. Any of my other dogs, I would have told them that I could buy a new model of dog for the amount that I have put out to keep them well. But, I have had dogs my whole life, and Sam is the most special one to me. Maybe it is because he is my first little dog, and I can pick him up and hold him.

Well, I have to take the little patient upstairs and feed him, then we will lay on the couch and watch American Idol. Bill is in Columbus for a seminar, so Sam and I have the couch to ourselves this evening.

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Rian said...

Poor little Sam~ those were some BIG stones! Gracious!

Glad he's home, hope he feels better soon.