Sunday, May 21, 2006


I admit it. I pretty much loafed all weekend. On Friday, I met with my Twisted Stitcher group. We had fun as usual. I took my batik/hand dye scrap basket and ironed and chose fabrics to use in my new mini. I sewed one 2" New York Beauty Block. I decided that it is too hard of a block to do in miniature on my workshop sewing machine, which doesn't have the needle down and foot raising/lowering feature that my home Pfaff has. I also could have used a stiletto. Live and learn. That can be a difficult block full size, I need to think about it to accomplish it in a miniature version.

Yesterday, I cleaned out my quilt trunk. Bill made a chest for me out of spanish cedar. In it, I store all of my special quilts and clothes that I made for my kids. I took everything out, re- folded and rewrapped and replaced in the trunk. I took a picture of an old family crazy quilt that is pretty bad off. It is made of wools and homespuns. It is embroidered in what looks like yarn. It is not beautiful like some crazy quilts I have seen, but then again, my ancestors were not a wealthy bunch, so they did what they could with what they had.

Today, I took Sam to be groomed. He is having surgery tomorrow to have the bladderstones removed. Poor baby. Bill and I dropped him off, and went to se the DaVinci Code. I thought it was an okay movie. I didn't walk out of there wishing I hadn't wasted my time. Hey, the critics hated it.. so it had to be okay for us mortals. After all, I wasted 4 hours of my life seeing "In the Bedroom" and "Lost in Translation" because of the critical acclaim. They didn't fool me last year, I think for the first time I saw NONE of the Academy Award best movie nominees.
As for the DaVinci code, I liked the book, and I don't see what the uproar is about. Either you have faith in the divinity of Jesus Christ, or you don't. If you are strong in your faith, a movie shouldn't be able to shake it.

They did a remake of "The Omen" . The scariest movie of all time. The first one came out when I was in my early twenties. My best friend Nancy and I went to see it, and we were scared for days. I can't wait. She won't go see it with me.. the sissy.

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Elle said...

I loved the original Omen. I agree about Da Vinci code...I want to scream "HELLO people! It's a FICTIONAL book!!!" LOL.