Friday, May 05, 2006


Skeletons From My Closet won "Best Interpretation of Theme" in the Innovative category at the Denver National Quilt Festival. My net friend Teresa called to tell me, and then I looked at the Denver show site for the specifics. I never thought of looking at show sites, just figured that if I didn't have anyone to call me, I wouldn't know until the quilt came home.

I was worried that my quilt wasn't home from AQS. I called, and they hadn't shipped it yet. The person told me that he didn't have any shipping information. I should have just picked it up. I gave all of the information to Bonnie Brownings assistant and she must not have taken the infomation to where it needed to be. I hope that she didn't lose the piece of paper where she wrote all of my credit card information!

They must have shipped it yesterday. I got this email with a tracking number.. that didn't work at the UPS site. I hope it isn't gone for good.

I think I will call them again and clear things up.

Got a call from my husband. The HMO we had was bought out, and we have to change carriers again. My husband gets to keep his cardiologist, but we will have to change doctors AGAIN. And I won't get to see the orthopedic guy that I wanted to follow up with for my knee replacement. I keep telling myself to be glad we have coverage at all...

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