Thursday, May 04, 2006


That's right. Thank God it's Thursday. That means that now that I am home from work, it is the start of my 3 day weekend. I love coming home. So much to do. I cleaned out the closet in the living room. And I am in the process of cleaning out the bedroom closet. I am taking the chance that it will stay relatively nice, so I took my winter duds and put them in another closet.

Meg and I went to see United 93 yesterday. If I had know it would be one of those movies with the cameraman filming while bouncing on a pogo stick, I would have seen something different. It was an interesting movie. Kind of weird saying it was good, but it was true to what happened. I had to close my eyes for nearly the hole movie.. once the headache and nausea from motion sickness took hold. I came home and took a nap and felt much better afterwards.

Other than that, nothing much going on. Skeletons are in the Denver show. I am waiting for my mini to return from Paducah. I ended up going home a day early, so I didn't pick up the quilt like I had planned. If it doesn't come today, I will call. She told me they would be shipped on Monday.

That's it. Lily went for her first short haircut. She came home with bows in her ears. She looks cute for a monster. I will post pictures later.

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