Friday, May 12, 2006


I bought myself a new camera. An Olympus Stylus 810. It is an 8.0 mega pixel camera. My last camera, an Olympus Camedia which was a 5.o and plenty good enough. I took great pictures with it. But it had this sliding cover that when pulled back, turned the camera on. It was starting to stick while I was in Paducah, but I think that the final straw was when it took a nose dive to the pavement while I had it on a flimsy tripod. The camera still worked, but it was iffy whether the power would come on or not when I slid the cover back. So.. soothing myself at the loss of the long arm due to a too small room, I decided to buy myself a new camera.

One thing that surprised me was that it has internal memory. I bought another Olympus because it took an Xd memory card which is what my other camera took. I had just bought a 1gig card that didn't work on my old camera but does work on this new one. When I took everything out of the box, there was no 32 mb starter card like I got with my other camera. I was surprised, and figured it was a way to force me to get a memory card in order to use my camera. But I was wrong. The camera has internal memory that holds up to 40 pics depending on what size I set the camera.

I really like it. It has a big screen on the back, a digital image stabilization mode, and a 'Bright Capture' technology to take nice clear and sharp pictures in a low light situation.

I attached the strap I had with my old Nikon camera. It is a thin strap, but is long enough to put over my neck. That way, I don't have to worry about dropping my camera.

Today, UPS delivered boxes to me. Bill thought it was funny. I ordered boxes to mail my quilt. they are 14x14x2". I can't find them anywhere around here, and I only paid .69 cents each as opposed to several dollars. Perfect. Just the right size.

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