Sunday, June 18, 2006

MSSgt Walter and the Quilt

Remember the quilt that some of my friends and I put together? It was for the MSSgt that helped pass out quilts for Home of the Brave to a reserve unit that lost many members. It has finally been finished and presented to him. Above is a picture of my friend Beverly, who is the Ohio Coordinator for the Home of the Brave Project and MSSgt Walter. He recently retired from the Marines and joined the police department. I guess he really liked the quilt.


Rian said...

How very nice--thanks for sharing the photo. It looks like the quilt found a good home.

Anonymous said...

Marine, Marine! MSGT Walter is a retired Marine. He quickly educated me - a soldier is Army, a Marine is a Marine. Yes, he does like the quilt and was quite pleased, looking at the signatures on the ninepatch blocks.
It was a Good Thing we did, to remember this Vietnam-era Marine.
thank you, Teri, for stitching the eagle applique and organizing the sewing session to create the quilt top.
In Stitches,

Shelina said...

It is a beautiful quilt for someone who really deserves it.