Saturday, June 17, 2006


We are getting a new window in the living room. We moved into this house as newlyweds almost 25 years ago. In all that time.. the weird windows in the front didn't open. They had these nifty latches on them, but they were just for show. Don't think we didn't try to figure out how they opened.
So on nice days, our house would be warm because there was no air flow through the living room As you can see from the picture above.. there is massive air flow now!!
The picture below shows our new bow window. We bought it in Amishland and Bill and his friends are installing it.. The center 3 windows open!! I am going to figure out some curtains or something. We lost the awning with the installation of the new window. So that means unrelenting sunshine starting at about 1pm. Then there's the privacy factor, and nosy neighbors.

I went out today and used my 50% JoAnns coupon and bought a pad of Vellum for foundation piecing. I got a free frappaccino at Starbucks in Barnes & Noble. Along with a nifty thick red book of graph paper. And a book on Aran knits from Borders books. I have been looking for an Aran cardigan pattern, and this book has several patterns.

The next photo is of Sam relaxing and cleaning Claire's ears. He loves to clean her up. She doesn't seem to mind. Other than that, nothing is going on, just enjoying the hot sunny day from my basement studio..

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Maureen said...

Teri! Love your new window, and your dogs are adorable. Enjoyed your post.