Monday, June 05, 2006


I am always on a quest to find the perfect tote to drag along for my hand work. I always have a few applique projects going. The trouble has always been that I have looked in the wrong place for totes. I have all of these girly color totes, but none of them have ever been right. I never have easy access to my tools, or I only can get one project in a tote, so that means if I have a couple of projects going, I either have to move all of my tools between totes or I need to have more than one of everything.

Bill and I went to Sears Hardware for tools or something. I went along for the ride. Then as I am walking around, I spied the toolbags. I looked through all of them. They had a nice set of a 10 " and 12" bag that were red and black. And a green bag with pockets all around the outside AND a cell phone pocket. It also had a place to attach a shoulder strap. The only thing with all of these bags is they had a velcro 'grip' that attached the 2 handles together. A pain. So I settled for this 12 " canvas bag. It has pockets on the outside. nice for tools, extra glasses, cellphone.. and the inside has 2 big pockets on each end, 3 or 4 med pockets on one side, and a bunch of narrow pockets good for scissors, pencils etc.

So, if you are ever in the market for something like this, go to your local hardware store. You will pay between ten and twenty dollars. If you got the same thing and it was called a "Quilter's Tote" it would cost $49.95!!


Rian said...

I have one of those! I keep my tools in it, never thought to get one for quilting. Great idea, thanks.

Shelina said...

I just had a comment you had about art quilts. You have an opinion and you are entitled to it. The fact that it matches mine, only makes it more right. :)

I'm a cancer too.

computerpeach said...

Some of my most favorite "quilting" tools are ones that come from other places.