Sunday, July 16, 2006


I have a friend named Susan. For some reason she thinks I am easily irritated , and she likes me that way so she does stuff to exacerbate it. She is in charge of decorating a Christmas tree that is acutioned off for a local women's shelter. Every year, there is a theme, and our guild members make ornaments for the tree. There have been snowman years, "A quilters Christmas" year (my favorite) last year was postcards to Santa.. we put fabric postcards on the tree with a patchwork mailbox on the top. That is where her idea for "Christmas on Lake Erie" came about. No one but me is willing to tell her she's nuts. And when I'm the one to tell her that, it just encourages her. I told her that all you find on the shores of Lake Erie are dead fish, condoms, beer bottles, empty cans etc. I got this email from her today which cracked me up so much I had to share it with the world.

At the beach just now I found 8 condoms, 3 beer bottles (have to sand down edges of lip of one of them), 5 Pepsi liter bottles, and about 83% of a perch, I think, including one of the eyes, but Allen doesn't like it when I bring them home so I reluctantly left it. I'm going to fix them up cute with glitter and pipe cleaners and stuff.I can't wait for Christmas already! Shoot, I missed your birthday, right?Susan