Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Did you ever get to the halfway point (as if) in a project and suddenly think "What the heck was I thinking?" I reached that point last night in my current project. I love a challenge. This quilt has 400 1/2" blocks. The blocks are the same, the design is done with gradations. It's bright and pretty striking so far. But I have TWO HUNDRED blocks to go. That doesn't even include the prospective border.. which I will probably have to draft and make a pattern for if it is anything like the idea floating in my brain (what's left). Well, at least I have had the time to ponder the quilting.. and the batt. I don't know.. my last mini was a little too lofty. Personally, I think it was because of the amount of seams, but I want to do better this time. I am on a roll, and I am thinking of my next project to. As usual, I thought I would make this one first because I could get it out of the way quickly.. THREE WEEKS of daily work on it, doesn't make it look as quick as I thought.I guess I will shoot for the end of the summer. I am watching my Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, and I am up to the last disc of season three. I know.. a 50 something woman who loves Buffy. The show is just a fountain of dark humor. My cup of tea, so to speak. I love those kids.

One more day, and my beloved three day weekend. I have a great schedule. I had to fight to get it, but I just needed 3 days in a row off every week. After I was sick several years back, I decided I could live without the added stress that my job adds to my life. I love my work, but, I only work part time. I want to keep it that way. So I increased my hours to work in a shorter amount of time. So I get a break every week. I have learned that there is way more to life than work. I could drop over tomorrow, and they would go on without missing a beat. So I have to pay attention to what is important to me.

We are having a guild program and workshop with George Siciliano and his wife Virginia.
He specializes in miniatures, and Virginia in traditional hand quilting. He is doing a workshop in paper piecing one of his log cabin miniature designs, and another workshop in designing log cabins. I hope that the people that signed up will enjoy these workshops. Several of the guild program people in the area are having trouble filling their workshops. Our guild will probably lose close to $1000. on this program, because not enough people signed up for the workshops to offset the cost of the speaker. Oh well, it's the chance I took. I try to find speakers that appeal to everyone. I could say that I maybe shouldn't have gone with someone that only does miniatures, but the other "normal" workshops only had maybe 5 people at the most in them. So at least I will have some fun and a very good student to teacher ratio in the 2 workshops I am taking this week. I'm sure I will learn something that I didn't know.

I hope that all of you have a great day!!